Transformations and Insurance

Insurance claims can be a hassle, but your restoration work doesn’t need to be.

Your paintwork doesn’t need to stay damaged. No matter what has happened to your home we will help you get your home back to its beautiful self in no time. We’ve restored homes from fires, floods and everything else in between.

Our professional painters are ready to restore your home and breathe new life into your house. Catastrophic damage doesn’t have to be permanent, Vixen can bring your house back to life no matter what the damage is.

So get in contact with us now, and let’s get your house looking like the home it should be.

Helping Heritage

No one expects you to live in a home without safe wiring, proper locks or Wi-Fi! So why should you have to live in a home with drab painting? Luckily you don’t! We love bringing heritage homes back to their roots with new paint that makes the home look like it was built yesterday.

The feel of your home is in safe hands with us, we work with dedicated paint specialists ensuring that the paint we use feels and looks right for your home.

Heritage Homes don’t need to look like they’re stuck in the past – Vixen Painting and Decorating can make your old home feel brand new. We will transform your home into something worth being heritage listed.

Let us bring your home into the future now.

Odd Jobs

We paint everything!

We specialise in painting those iconic projects that require a bit of thought and planning. If you’re taking care of an icon that is starting to look a bit drab we’re the ones who can return it to it’s former glory.

We love tackling the weird and wonderful so if you’ve got something a bit different – say a giant Scotsman – that needs a touch up or a full restoration contact us and our professional painters will have your project looking truly special.

Commercial and Residential

We don’t just paint everything, we’ll paint anywhere. Whether you’ve got a commercial or residential project we can do it. Our paws are ready to paint your home, hotel, pub or anything in between. As paint experts we know that after about five years the colour begins to lose its vibrancy, which is why we use high quality paints to prolong the life of your paint beyond that.

Decorative Finishes

This is what really separates us from the rest.

Decorative Finishing is a dying art in the painting industry. It’s hard to find painters who really know how to bring the finish to life.

Vixen Painters have spent years learning and mastering several different techniques and styles that are quickly disappearing from the Australian Painting scene. We keep these styles alive and available for you.

We can make your paint job truly special. We offer:

  • Woodgraining
  • Wallpapering
  • French wash
  • Suede effects
  • Scumbling
  • Gilding (gold leaf)
  • Decorative effect repairs and colour matching
  • Stenciling
  • Texture coating and artistic texture styles
  • Weathered timber
  • and much more.

Get in touch with us now, and get something truly special for your paint.