Wallpaper Restoration Adelaide

Vixen Painting and Decorating are restoring the lost art of wallpapering

Wallpapering is something of a lost artform. With most services only offering wallpaper removal it can be tough to find people that can do wallpaper restoration in Adelaide. Since we love helping heritage Vixen Painting and Decorating have become wallpaper restoration experts.

Why You Should Restore Your Wallpaper

Restoring wallpaper can be difficult. With the most common problems being leakage behind the walls causing water damage and mold. The most obvious solution to this problem is tearing off the wallpaper and replacing it with paint however, doing this can result in you losing a valuable piece of history, and potentially thousands of dollars in value.

At Vixen we’ve developed techniques and methods to replace and restore your wallpaper. You don’t need to sacrifice your homes character any more. Wallpaper Restoration Adelaide means you can retain all the things that made you fall in love with your home, keeping the unique character. Contact us now to find out how you can keep your character.

Wallpaper Restoration Adelaide: Keeping It Clean

When we restore wallpaper we also make sure that we bring the whole thing back to life. We painstakingly go over every inch of wallpaper to ensure it is in a pristine condition. This adds years of life to your wallpaper, meaning you won’t need us again for a very very long time.

Wallpaper Restoration Adelaide Experts

Wallpaper restoration in Adelaide is a unique situation. With the temperamental weather going from dry to wet in a matter of minutes wallpaper can undergo a lot of stress in one day. Vixen Painting and Decorating are one of the few teams with the capability to manage and restore wallpaper that has had our unique climate take it’s toll on it.

While we’re on site restoring your wallpaper we’ll keep an eye out for soon to be problem areas. This saves you time and money by fixing the problem before it even starts, we can also give you some friendly advice on how to manage the health of your wallpaper.

Vixen Wallpaper Restoration Adelaide – The Solution To Every Problem

Whether your wallpaper has cracked, faded, or begun to peel Vixen Painting and Decorating has the ability to fix it. We can apply new adhesive, bring the paint to life and restore the cracks back to a brand new finish.

How We Restore Your Wallpaper

  • Problem Identification
    What’s causing the problem isn’t always immediately obvious. So we take the time to carefully study the problem to discover the true cause.
  • Solution Management
    Once we’ve nailed down the problem we start looking for a solution. Restoration without problem solving means you’ll have the same problem in time. Once we know we’ll tell you what your options are.
  • Restoration Work
    Once the problem has been identified and the solution discussed, we’ll begin our restoration work bringing your beautiful wallpaper back to life.

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